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Shannon Michele Butcher, crown, royalty, jewels, co-heir


Our Formation and Focus on Prevention

Innocence Found officially began to take shape in 2010 when Shannon Butcher shared her vision with the leadership of First Baptist Church of Salem, Oregon. The leadership resonated with that vision and have prayed for and supported the formation of this ministry in many ways. A task force representing several churches in the community was formed and many people and organizations throughout the community have provided input and support.

The website is a collaborative effort of task force members and information from community organizations. It is our hope to add to this website continually as we learn of more resources that will help adults to heal from their own childhood scars and/or become empowered to protect the children in their lives.

Innocence Found has facilitated sexual abuse prevention training events.  These events are a cooperative effort between Innocence Found and local organizations including Liberty House, law enforcement agencies, and several churches. 


At events, Shannon Butcher has shared her personal story of hope and redemption from the scars of childhood sexual abuse. Shannon has also made presentations and/or spoken to various groups including women, homeless shelter clients, prisoners, home school parents, college students, high school students, and more.  She has also encouraged countless individuals through face-to-face, phone, email, and Facebook conversations and prayer times. 



Our Mission: Prevention, Justice & Healing

As the Lord leads and allows, our aim is to facilitate the following:


         help adults learn how to protect children from potential abuse & equip them in responding to suspicious behavior on the part of a child or adult.


         provide information and resources designed to enable parents & caregivers to help sexually abused children heal and seek justice for perpetrators.


         help adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse seek inner healing. We prayerfully encourage the wounded and help connect them with the Healer, Jesus Christ, and His people who are gifted and committed to helping others heal.

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