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Shannon Michele Butcher, crown, royalty, jewels, co-heir


Short Bio:


Shannon is a worship evangelist whose aim is to live and write like David, who penned and sang a majority of the Psalms.


Shannon grew up in Tacoma, WA, studied and received her Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and Music Ministry at Multnomah Bible College (now Multnomah University) in Portland, Oregon. Shannon is married to Brett Butcher; they have three children and live in Salem, Oregon.

She has taken great encouragement from the Psalms of David, whose writings she emulates with songs of praise, outpourings of despair, reflections on the past, declarations of truth, and more. 

Musical styles that have influenced Shannon include pop, classical, jazz, Celtic, choral, Gospel, and cross-cultural music.

Globally, Shannon has performed music, led worship, and/or spoken publicly in Croatia, Poland, England, Ireland, Uganda, Ghana, Jamaica, Guatemala, (as well as in several states in USA) singing mostly in English, but at times in other languages including Spanish, French, German, Lugandan, and Croatian (and speaking with an interpreter).

Shannon has a 4-octave vocal range and plays the flute, Irish whistle, piano/synthesizer, and has a working knowledge of recording software and hardware.

At the core of her identity, Shannon Butcher is a child of God, purchased and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. She has experienced tremendous inner healing from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and is now a champion of abuse prevention through her ministry, Innocence Found. Some of her songs reflect the struggles and victory of her lifelong journey of healing.

For more of Shannon's story, click here.

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